Why is 5G such a controversial issue?

Why is 5G such a controversial issue and a magnet for conspiracy theories? Learn why by examining  the 5G deployment in Sacramento, California, one of the first 5G Cities in the world!

The City Council’s decision to make Sacramento one of the first 5G cities in the world has been shrouded in secrecy and controversy from the start. In June 2017, the City of Sacramento signed an agreement with Verizon to install small cell antennas on public infrastructure. The City agreed to waive fees for the antennas and provide Verizon an expedited permitting process, effectively forfeiting all legal authority over the placement of the antennas. In exchange, Verizon would provide $100 million dollars of infrastructure investment, i.e. the cell antennas they wanted to install anyways, as well as 15 “smart kiosks” and free wifi in 27 parks. This agreement was NOT taken through the usual public approval process and was heavily criticized as being bad for the City by local media outlets. Also, we still have not received our wifi in the parks or our smart kiosks…



As addressed in the Voices of River City article, one of the most alarming elements of this agreement is the capability of the Verizon and the City to collect data from Sacramento residents using the cell antenna network. This data collection is referred to several times in the Master License agreement signed by Verizon and the City of Sacramento. What data will be collected? How will that data be stored and utilized? Those details are NOT in the agreement but is information we as the public should have a right to know. I have made several requests to the city for this information but the City has NOT been willing to provide the information, similar to other public records requests I have made on this issue.  https://imgur.com/a/SeGfQE9 I am now in a position where I would have to take the City of Sacramento to court to get a judge to order the City to release the information. I would win, one hundred percent, but I do not have the time or money for such an endeavor. The City of San Diego recently came under fire for a similar data collection scandal. https://californiaglobe.com/section-2/city-of-san-diego-awarded-ge-mass-surveillance-contract-without-oversight It would be nice for the public to know exactly what is going on here in Sacramento…

As concerning as the above issues are, the worst part about Sacramento’s 5G plans is that they are installing these small cell antennas in residential areas, specifically on light poles immediately adjacent to homes. Here are a couple pictures. https://imgur.com/a/3dwGfTw Hundreds of these antennas are currently being installed in Sacramento neighborhoods. Each one will expose nearby residents to very high levels of pulsed, data modulated, microwave radiation. Although the antennas have a lower power output than previous generation antennas, because they are being installed so close to our homes exposure from these new small cell is actually MUCH HIGHER than exposure from previous generation antennas, and much higher than exposure from most wireless devices. This is PROVEN by a “safety” study performed by the City of Sacramento and presented at the September 3rd City Council meeting. https://imgur.com/a/r8TRdJP

It is clear that Sacramento residents will be exposed to unprecedented levels of chronic microwave radiation exposure inside their homes, so the question becomes will that increased exposure be safe? The answer is very complicated and hotly debated in the scientific community. There is plenty of peer reviewed scientific evidence suggesting that the man-made electromagnetic frequencies (specifically RF and microwave radiation) already in existence are causing harm to human health and the environment, and now we are going to be adding an additional layer of exposure, the “biggest” layer yet. Here are a few links from extremely credible sources acknowledging various levels of risk associated with using wireless technology:

Short but thorough article from The Lancet, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, detailing the dangers of wireless radiation exposure and the inadequacies of current safety standards. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanplh/article/PIIS2542-5196(18)30221-3/fulltext

In 2011, the World Health Organization classified RF radiation (which includes microwave radiation) as a possible carcinogen. https://www.iarc.fr/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/pr208_E.pdf

Article in The Hill by Dr. Ronald Melnick, former director at the national institutes of health, highlighting some of the research since 2011 that strengthens the hypothesis that cell phone radiation causes cancer. https://thehill.com/opinion/healthcare/416515-theres-a-clear-cell-phone-cancer-link-but-fda-is-downplaying-it

Recent review published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), considered one of the foremost international authorities on wireless technology, which concluded that wireless radiation from common devices CAUSES a variety of negative health effects and that consumers should be warned.  https://5gawarenessnow.com/groundbreaking-new-report-from-ieee-on-wireless-dangers/

2002 letter from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which states “the generalization by many that the [FCC] guidelines protect human beings from harm by any or all mechanisms is not justified.” https://5gawarenessnow.com/the-fccs-dangerous-safety-standards/

Although there are a lot of 5G “conspiracy theories” gathering momentum around the internet right now, concerns over wireless safety are not rooted in conspiracy, they are rooted in solid science. One major source of 5G conspiracies is the role of the FCC in regulating wireless safety standards. In the United States, the FCC is the primary authority on wireless safety standards. Unfortunately the FCC is largely controlled by the wireless industry they are tasked with policing, creating one of the most obvious and egregious conflicts of interest in our current political structure. The wireless industry, the wireless lobbies, and the FCC consist of the same people moving from branch to branch, all working in unison to forward the growth of the wireless industry. This can be seen from recent actions by the FCC, many specifically aimed at lifting regulations on the wireless industry to facilitate 5G deployment.  Many of these recent FCC actions are being challenged in court right now.



You can read more about how the FCC has been hijacked by the wireless industry in the book Captured Agency published by Harvard University School of Ethics. https://5gawarenessnow.com/the-fcc-a-captured-agency/

It is clear that the FCC is overlooking the legal rights of local municipalities as well as environmental and health impacts all in an effort to facilitate the deployment of 5G technology and maximize corporate profits. It is a classic example of the fox watching the hen house.

A similar relationship between industry and regulatory authorities can be seen in other countries as well. Switzerland was another early adopter of 5G technology and has since faced serious public backlash over that decision. The first documented reports of 5G related injuries came out of Switzerland.  https://www.illustre.ch/magazine/5g-sentons-cobayes

The article raises the issue, similar to the problem here in US, of an all-powerful regulatory authority that is literally owned by the wireless industry. In February 2020, Switzerland decided to pause their 5G roll-out until more safety research had been conducted. https://www.ft.com/content/848c5b44-4d7a-11ea-95a0-43d18ec715f5

Brussels is another European municipality that has halted their 5G rollout specifically due to microwave radiation concerns. https://www.brusselstimes.com/brussels/55052/radiation-concerns-halt-brussels-5g-for-now/

In America, the wireless industry marches on with their 5G roll-out, largely unopposed. This is an issue that is going to impact you in the very near future, if it hasn’t already. In December of 2018, a cell antenna was installed outside my family’s home. My two young nieces have experienced health problems ever since, specifically immune system suppression resulting in more frequent and more severe viral and bacterial infections. https://www.change.org/p/stop-verizon-from-abusing-our-neighborhood

We have since had these symptoms documented by two practicing pediatricians and attributed to the antenna outside our home according to their medical opinions. It has been absolutely heartbreaking to watch my nieces be harmed by this antenna and be completely powerless to have the antenna turned off or removed despite over a year of effort lobbying ALL levels of government, the FCC, and Verizon, the owner of the antenna.

We have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours shielding the home to reduce exposure from the antenna. It has been moderately effective at reducing exposure and mitigating the chronic and more severe symptoms, but we still worry about long term consequences and my nieces still get sick more often than prior to the antenna installation. And what about less fortunate families who cannot afford shielding??? Verizon and AT&T are going to microwave us inside our homes and our government is telling us we have no say in the matter. How can anyone consider this acceptable?

I am encouraging you to do two things in an attempt to protect your home and campaign for a 5G roll-out that puts safety over corporate profits:

1) Share this post wherever you can to help people understand why 5G is such an important and controversial issue.

2) Reach out to your elected representatives at the City, State and Federal levels and tell them that installing these antennas right outside people’s homes without adequate safety testing is UNACCEPTABLE! We are not guinea pigs and we will not stand for profits over people.

To find your representatives you can use this link here: https://5gawarenessnow.com/representatives/

If you do not know what to say, a generic sample letter can be found here: https://5gawarenessnow.com/generic-sample-letter/

If you are in Sacramento, contact information for our City Council can be found here: https://5gawarenessnow.com/the-next-steps-in-sacramento/

In Sacramento, I am also asking people to reach out to Sacramento City Council and demand that they overturn their April 7th decision to move forward with 4G/5G small cell installations in Sacramento WITHOUT the residential protections my 5G safety group was asking for. They made this extremely controversial decision that has been argued for over a year during the pandemic lockdown without input from the public, in a meeting that most people did not even know was happening! Even I, who has been fighting this issue daily for over a year, had no idea that the City was making their final decision on the issue. This recent article from the Sacramento News and Review covers how the City used Covid-19 as a political cudgel to move forward with this controversial decision. https://sacblog.newsreview.com/2020/04/28/covid-19-cover This is yet another injustice at the hands of our City Council!

Please take action now. This is an issue that will literally be in your neighborhood very, very soon. If people do not make their voice heard governments will continue to deploy this dangerous technology right outside our homes. Our health, our property, and our rights our under attack. What will you do to change that?

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