Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut questions wireless executives at a Senate Commerce Hearing, exposing there is ZERO long term research on the safety of 5G.

Documentary exploring the health effects caused by radio frequency radiation and the shortcomings of the institutions “protecting” us from this radiation.

Canadians For Safe Technology press conference featuring four highly respected researchers discussing the health problems 5G will likely cause.

Dr. Martin Blank of Columbia University announcing the EMF Scientist Appeal, signed by hundreds of doctors and scientists.

TED Talk by Jeromy Johnson, former engineer and founder of, explaining the dangers of wireless radiation.

5G product demonstration by Verizon showing their equipment works very well through wall and trees at ranges of 2000-3000 feet.

Several clips from a 2017 forum on 5G highlighting some of the potential health problems 5G will pose. One problem is the way 5G will interact with human skin.

A short video by Investigate Europe highlighting some of the problems with 5G and the conflicts of interest between regulatory bodies and wireless industry.

Dr. Ronald Melnick, Senior Toxicologist at the National Institute of Health discussing NTP study and safety concerns relating to 5G.

“Citizen journalism” video of hundreds of bees dying near two cell antennas. With antennas soon to be everywhere, we could face global extinction.

Dr. Anthony Miller, former adviser to the World Health Organization discussing the link between wireless technology and cancer.

CBS13 This Morning report on 5G. Industry claims it is safe even though there have been ZERO studies. Residents are concerned and don’t want it.

CBS This Morning report on a cell antenna in Ripon, CA where 10 cancer cases arose near the antenna. Sprint recently turned off this antenna.

Denver local news report about Verizon installing a cell antenna 25 feet from this family’s bedroom window without their permission.

Sacramento local news report on a Verizon cell antenna installed right outside a daycare center. The daycare owner claims the antenna will put her out of business.

Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust, Theodora Scarato, discussing the health risks associated with 5G small cell antennas.

Theodora Scarato discussing impact of 5G small cell antennas at a Washington D.C. council meeting.

Dr Oz. explaining the dangers of cell phone radiation on Good Morning America. Concerns over 5G are not “just a conspiracy.” This is as mainstream as it gets.

Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck urging caution on 5G roll-out due to health concerns.

CBS ConsumerWatch report on 5G. The report addresses the California firefighters success in banning the installation of cell antennas on fire stations.

Firefighters have long been opponents of cell antennas. This stance is a result of antennas being installed at their stations resulting in health problems for many firefighters.

Firefighters are some of the toughest people on the planet and they were harmed by RF radiation levels considered safe by the FCC. Lower than what YOU will experience with 5G.

The firefighters have no problem criticizing the wireless companies, the federal government, the conflicts of interest between those groups and the inadequacy of safety standards.

Videos From 5G Awareness Now

Our Sacramento group’s first appearance speaking at city council. We were promised a meeting that STILL has not taken place. Our council sold us out to Verizon without consent.

Our group’s second appearance at city council. Council starts by LYING to us about the rules then refusing to address the concerns we raise. They have done nothing but lie and point the finger.

Heartbreaking video of my niece asking council to remove the antenna from her front yard. My nieces started experiencing health problems shortly after Verizon installed their antenna.

Video proof neighborhood app NextDoor is selectively censoring content critical of 5G. If 5G is so safe why are they suppressing information?

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