Multiple legal analyses have concluded the the deployment of 5G constitutes a violation of human rights and multiple environmental protection laws. 5G will also take money directly out of the pockets of homeowners everywhere. I will never lay down and accept this abuse. Join me in fighting against this government sponsored, technological tyranny.


Please sign and share our petition to preserve the right to not be exposed to the dangers of 5G inside your own home.


Website/App used to share information about local happenings. Here is my current post on 5G.


Please support and share our GoFundMe campaign. We are fighting for the rights of all people and we have an uphill battle against some tough opponents.

Facebook Groups & Social Media

Join/follow these four Facebook groups and use social media to spread the word about 5G.



Citizens For 5G Awareness


Contact Representatives

Our representatives are supposed to be working for us, NOT for the telecom companies. Reach out to your representatives and tell them how you feel about 5G. Here is a sample letter.

Join Our Mailing List

Stay up to date on local meetings and major news events regarding 5G. Email 5GAwarenessNow@gmail.com for an invite.

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