Sample Radio Frequency Compliance Report For Antennas In Sacramento

The document below is a fairly detailed radio frequency compliance report for one of the low frequency (~2Ghz which the City is labeling 4G small cells) small cell antennas installed in the Sacramento area. It shows theoretical calculations performed based on the antennas engineering specifications for maximum power output. These calculations show that at ground level, the maximum amount of radiation a person will be exposed to is 0.42 percent of the occupational exposure limit which is equal to (0.42 * 5) 2.1 percent of the general population exposure limit, or 210,000 microwatts per square meter. Real world measurements at ground level near these antennas have consistently been between 40,000 – 100,000 microwatts per square meter.

This may sound safe when compared to the FCC limit, but it is actually much higher than ground level exposure from previous generation antennas, which is described by the FCC and City of Sacramento as THOUSANDS of times below the limit.

The problem gets much worse near the height of the antenna, where our second and third story homes will be. Pages 8,9, and 11, show the antenna radiation pattern and the areas around the antenna where exposure can exceed the FCC limit. Please note that the values depicted are for the occupational exposure limit, which is fives times HIGHER than the general population exposure limit. The general population exposure limit is for non-workers, i.e. the public at large who do not have the proper training or equipment to mitigate their exposure. If the general population limit was used, the colored areas would extend out much further.

If one of these antennas is directed at your home, and some of them are (LIKE THE ONE IN FRONT OF MY FAMILY’S HOME), there will be areas on your property where exposure can exceed the FCC limit. I have raised this problem to Verizon, the City of Sacramento, and the FCC, and all have either not addressed the issue or told me to “stay out of that area if I am concerned (Verizon).”

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