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Dear City Council and City Staff,

[City Clerk, please add this email to the City of Sacramento Public Record. Thank you for doing so.]

I am a Sacramento resident and I am reaching out to you about the 5G expansion that is currently happening in our city. I do not consent to having a cell antenna installed near my home, period.

These antennas will emit pulsed, data modulated, microwave radiation into nearby homes exposing residents to this radiation whenever they are home, potentially 24/7. This type of radiation is classified as a possible carcinogen by the World health Organization and is proven to cause a number of other negative health effects at levels far below current FCC safety limits.

There has been zero long term safety testing on 5G technology.

The only assurance of safety we have been given is that exposure from these antennas will likely be under the FCC safety limit. However, the FCC safety limit only protects against the thermal effects of microwave radiation and is insufficient for preventing biological harm.

Measurements presented by the City of Sacramento at the September 3rd City Council meeting definitively show that exposure from the antennas currently being installed will be many times higher than exposure from previous generation antennas.

The 2017 agreement between Verizon and the City of Sacramento shows that these antennas will be collecting and storing data from the wireless devices that they communicate with. This agreement was signed without the usual public participation process and with virtually no public outreach. I never consented to having my data collected or stored by these antennas or had an opportunity to voice my objection to this agreement.

The negative effect of cell antennas on property values and home salability have been well established by the realtor industry. If you permit the installation of a cell antenna near my home I will incur negative financial consequences and you will be responsible for those consequences.

I do not consent to having a cell antenna installed near my home. I do not consent to being irradiated inside my home by the “small” cell facilities being installed in the Sacramento area. I do not consent to having data from my wireless devices collected, stored, or sold by either Verizon or any other telecommunications company, or the City of Sacramento, resulting from interactions with the small cell facilities. I do not consent to having my home devalued by a small cell facility. If the City of Sacramento permits the installation of a small cell facility near my home, you are violating my constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property.

I am asking the City of Sacramento to pass a zoning ordinance to restrict the placement of any transmitting wireless communications facility near homes or schools. It is within your legal authority to pass such an ordinance and many other cities, including our neighboring city of Elk Grove, have already done so.

Thank you for reading this email. Please respect and protect the health, property, privacy, security, and rights of your constituents. It is your sworn duty to do so.

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