Sacramento’s Proposed Cell Antenna Ordinance Amendments

After months of public pressure, the City of Sacramento is finally amending its cell antenna ordinance to retain more local authority in the permitting of small cell antennas and to be more protective for residents. This is a tremendous step in the right direction and would never have happened if not for the concerned citizens that participated in our 5G Awareness campaign.

Below are the draft proposals by the City of Sacramento. They will be voting on these changes sometime in January 2020. In the meantime, residents need to continue to put pressure on the City to ensure these changes get voted in and the ordinance is as protective as legally possible.

The most important section of this ordinance pertaining to protections for residents is section 3(E) on page four. This policy states that “[In a residential zoning district] No small cell wireless communications facility shall be located immediately adjacent to a front yard of any residential dwelling.” That means most Sacramento residents will be protected from the nightmare scenario of having one of these antennas installed right next to their home, as happened to my family in December 2018.

Although this policy will protect most Sacramento residents from the extremely high exposure levels resulting from a close proximity antenna, it is extremely unfair to residents living at the end of streets or end of lots where the antennas will be permitted. This is precisely why I have been recommending the city implement a blanket residential setback of 1,000 feet. That would protect all Sacramento residents and property from the problems posed by these close proximity antennas.

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