Sacramento’s Final Decision on 5G

UPDATE (4/15/20):

Well…my fears were confirmed. On April 7th, 2020 Sacramento City Council held an online City Council meeting to approve the updated telecommunications ordinance and move forward with 4G and 5G small cell installations in Sacramento.

A video of the meeting can be found here (5G item begins at 49:05):

The ordinance that was voted on can be found here:

After the February 4th meeting (detailed below), I fully expected this to be the outcome. However, I would not have guessed that the decision would be made without giving the public another opportunity to be heard on the issue. The meeting was held without the public being able to attend. Apparently some comments had been submitted online but those comments were NOT read into the public record prior to the item being voted on. In the video, at 1:00:30, Mayor Steinberg acknowledges that he had NOT read the public comments before Council voted on the issue. This shows that the council had already made up their mind on the issue and input from the public was literally meaningless despite us fighting this issue for over a year. It is also likely a violation of the Brown Act.

Roughly 25 comments were submitted by the public in opposition to 5G deployment, specifically requesting that the issue not be moved forward until the Covid-19 pandemic has resolved. Those comments can be seen here:

I personally was unaware that City Council meetings were still taking place or of my opportunity to participate on this agenda item. I am quite sure City Council knows where I stand on the issue, but I think it is incredibly insulting and down right slimy for Council to take action on such a contentious issue without proper engagement from the public.

I wrote an email to council expressing my disgust with their decision to move forward with 5G deployment during this already chaotic time. You can see that email here:

I mention the increase in number of people linking 5G to coronavirus in the past weeks. This has resulted in a number of attacks on cell antennas, particularly in the U.K. Many articles have been written on this phenomenon.

With all the fear and conspiracy theories floating around about 5G and coronavirus, transparency in government actions regarding these topics is more important than ever. Sacramento City’s decision to move forward with their 5G roll-out in a stealthy manner without public engagement was irresponsible and lends credibility to the argument of those claiming that this pandemic is being used fast track 5G deployment.

On February 4th the Sacramento Law and Legislative Committee held the second to last meeting on 5G. You can watch the full video here, the 5G discussion begins at 12:05:

In short, the City stabbed us in the back by bringing out the political and corporate establishment to support 5G in Sacramento. Roughly 50 people dressed in suits, many from the wireless industry, were at the meeting with “Let’s 5G” stickers on. Many of them spoke in favor of bringing 5G to Sacramento.

By contrast, our group of people opposing 5G only had about five people show up. Our health concerns were not addressed; they were dismissed instead. Additionally, the draft ordinance was revised at the last minute without notice to me. Most of the residential protections were removed giving practically free reign to the telecoms to put these antennas wherever they want, including right outside your home.

In my opinion, the battle is over and we lost. The City does not care about us as much as they care about the political and corporate establishment. They are moving forward with small cell densification and our campaign was not enough to stop them. This is particularly depressing for me considering I have spent the majority of my free time for the past year fighting this issue, seemingly all for nothing.

I fully expect the 5G issue to take a back seat to the corona virus pandemic that the world is currently facing. In my opinion, these two issues are connected. The primary health complication that we noticed in my nieces after the antenna was installed outside their room was immune system suppression. They get sick much more frequently and more severely compared to before the antenna installation.

I expect areas that have undergone small cell densification such as the Pocket area, will have more cases per capita of Covid-19 and more severe cases when compared to areas that have not undergone small cell densification.  I do not think it is coincidence that the first few major epicenters of the pandemic are also some of the first places on the planet to receive 5G technology. Wuhan was one of China’s 5G pilot cities. Milan is the capital city of Lombardy, Italy, the area hardest hit by the virus, was one of Italy’s 5G pilot cities. South Korea was an early 5G adopter. The Pocket area was Sacramento’s 5G pilot area and is home to Faith Presbyterian church, currently the largest cluster of cases in the Sacramento area. Kirkland, Washington implemented small cells roughly the same time we did.

To be clear, I am not saying that 5G caused Covid-19. I am merely speculating that the negative impact of cell antennas on sleep and immune function will lead to more total infections and more severe cases in areas with many cell antennas compared to areas with less cell antennas. I have spoken with a couple university professors about launching a study to see if this actually turns out to be the case. If this connection is established, it will bring 5G to the forefront of the public health debate. If this connection is not established, I expect the majority of people’s focus will be on fighting Covid-19.

I created a 3 page document with some information on preventing the spread of corona virus and keeping your immune system in tip-top shape to give you the best chance of fighting off the virus should you become exposed. You can download the file here:

I also made a video on this topic.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice or a substitute for medical advice. Please seek guidance from your doctor for the best ways to combat the virus.

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