Sacramento, 5G Is Here

Sacramento is one of the first cities in the entire world to receive 5G technology. The City signed a public-private partnership with Verizon in 2017. This contract was not taken through the usual public process and has been heavily criticized as a bad deal for Sacramento. and

The 5G roll-out began in October of 2018. Since then, roughly 600 “small cell” antennas have been installed, most commonly on top of light poles. You can see pictures of some of the antennas in the area on the home page. Approximately only 10% of Sacramento has 5G coverage meaning, many, many more antennas will be installed, especially when you consider other carriers will also want to install their antenna networks.

The main problem with the antennas is that they emit pulsed, data modulated, microwave radiation all day, every day. Anyone living near the antennas will be exposed to this radiation inside their home on a continuous basis, whether they have 5G service or not. Because these antennas are being installed lower to the ground and closer to people’s homes than previous generation antennas, exposure from the small cells is MANY times higher than exposure from previous generation antennas, even higher than exposure from cell phones and wireless routers which are typically the greatest sources of microwave radiation exposure. Measurements presented by the City of Sacramento at the September 3rd City Council meeting (watch full video here, as well as measurements taken by an independent local expert show this very clearly.

There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that microwave radiation causes a variety of negative health effects including DNA damage, immune system suppression, sleep disturbances, headaches, fatigue, oxidative stress, and cancer. and

There have been ZERO studies on the long term health effects of 5G which will bring both increased microwave radiation exposure and new higher frequencies of microwave radiation that the public has never been exposed to. As Senator Richard Blumenthal put it, “we are flying blind.” and

The only assurance of safety we have been given is that exposure from the antennas will likely be under the FCC safety limit. However, the FCC safety limits are over 20 years old and based entirely on a thermal model for damage, meaning if the radiation source is not literally cooking you, it is assumed safe. Interference with cell function or brain function, genetic damage, even cancer are not considered at all by the FCC safety limit. This is best explained in a 2002 letter from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which states “the generalization by many that the [FCC] guidelines protect human beings from harm by any or all mechanisms is not justified.”

In addition to the health problems, these antennas also threaten to harm our property values. Because the antennas are both an eye sore and a health risk they have a demonstrated negative effect on property values and home salability. and

People are protesting 5G all over the world as an abuse of people’s health, property, and rights. and and

Other U.S. state and city governments are taking action to halt, study, or control the roll-out of 5G. and and

Meanwhile, Sacramento is installing these antennas as quickly and quietly as possible.

At the September 3rd City Council meeting (watch full video here, there was a 5G safety “discussion.” The city hired industry loyalists Jerrold Bushberg and Hammet and Edison to conduct a review and deliver a presentation aimed at convincing the public the antennas being installed are safe. The information presented was incredibly misleading and only demonstrated that the exposures from the antennas are likely to be under the FCC limit. As explained in the links above, compliance with FCC guidelines is NOT a guarantor of safety. The meeting concluded with City council directing staff to look into amending the City’s cell antenna ordinance to be more safe in this 5G roll-out.  

On October 17th, nine members of our 5G Awareness group were invited to a “stakeholder’s meeting” with city staff to propose our recommendations for amending the City’s cell antenna ordinance. We provided with City with an extensive report and proposed changes based on policies recently implemented in other California cities aimed at keeping antennas away from homes. You can view the report here. The City does not have the legal authority to say no to 5G outright, but it does have a say in where and how it is implemented. There is zero reason these antennas need to be installed so close to our homes! According to Verizon’s own CEO and product demonstrations, the range of their millimeter wave antennas, which have the shortest range of all the 5G antennas, is 2,000-3,000 feet.

Our group is requesting that the City keep these antennas at least 1,000 feet from any residence. The City of Sacramento is currently at a crossroads where they will have to decide whether they will protect their constituents or protect corporate profits. City staff proposes their recommendations to Council for a vote on November 19th. Our group will be attending this meeting.

If you do not want these cell antennas near your home, you must reach out to City Council and staff and tell them to adopt a protective ordinance that will keep these antennas away from our homes.  If you do not know what to say, a sample letter can be found here.

Many California cities including Peteluma, Mill Valley, Sonoma, Calabasas, and Elk Grove, have recently implemented protective ordinances that effectively keep these antennas away from homes. We can ask for the same protections. You can find City Council’s contact info here: 

All relevant Council and staff email addresses are below:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The installation of these antennas right next to our homes is a direct attack on our health, our property, and our rights. Do not sit back and let Verizon and the City of Sacramento perpetrate this abuse. If you would like more information, please email

Videos of our Sacramento activist group speaking at City Council on the dangers and problems caused by the 5G antenna network.


After much public pressure the City of Sacramento is amending their current cell antenna ordinance to be more protective. Read the draft proposal here:

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