These are my representatives. I have been reaching out to them for months, warning them about the dangers 5G will bring and how my family has already been affected. Their response has been pathetic. If you feel strongly about this issue, please reach out to my representatives and yours. Their job is to protect our health and rights, not the telecoms.

You can find your local and federal representatives here. Many representatives do not list their email address but can be emailed through their website. If you do not know what to say, feel free to use our sample letter.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell SteinbergSpear headed the deal with Verizon to make Sacramento one of the first 5G cities in the world. Got played by Verizon. Is allowing the antennas to be installed with ZERO notification. Responsible for misleading the public about the exposure levels we will face. Has ignored me for months. Needs to be held to account.

(916) 808-5300

Facebook: @Steinberg.Darrell

Twitter: @Mayor_Steinberg

District 7 Councilmember Rick Jennings

(916) 808-7007

Facebook: @RickTJennings

Twitter: @RickJenningsD7

CA Governor Gavin Newsom

(916) 445-2841

Facebook: @GavinNewsom

Twitter: @GavinNewsom

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein

(202) 224-3841

Facebook: @SenatorFeinstein

Twitter: @SenFeinstein

U.S. Senator Kamala Harris

(202) 224 – 3553 (DC Office)

(916) 448 – 2787 (Sacramento Office)

Facebook: @SenatorKamalaHarris

Twitter: @SenKamalaHarris, @KamalaHarris

U.S. Congresswoman Doris Matsui

(916) 498-5600

Facebook: @doris.matsui

Twitter: @DorisMatsui

CA State Assemblymember Jim Cooper

(916) 319-2009

Facebook: @asmJimCooper

Twitter: @AsmJimCooper

CA State Senator Richard Pan

(916) 651-4006

Facebook: @RichardPanMD

Twitter: @DrPanMD

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