News Related To 5G In April Brussels halted their 5G rollout specifically due to radiation concerns. In March Sprint turned off their cell antenna at Weston Elementary School after 8 (10 in another source ) cancer cases were reported in the area. Power density measurements near the antenna, on multiple occasions, showed that exposure near the antenna was hundreds of times below the FCC safety limit. If an antenna is installed near your home, you will be exposed to SIGNIFICANTLY higher levels of RF radiation whenever you are home. In February Senator Blumenthal questioned wireless executives exposing the lack of research on the health effects of 5G and small cell antennas. In June CBS13 reported on a cell antenna installed near Kids INC Day Care in Folsom. Half of the parents are going to pull their children out of the day care if Verizon turns the antenna on as scheduled, and the owner will go out of business. Verizon has refused to comment on these financial consequences. Verizon has also refused to answer specific questions about health effects submitted by the day care owner and Channel 13. Verizon was also found to have installed the antenna without a valid permit. This story almost exactly mirrors my family’s experience. Trump appointee and former Verizon attorney Ajit Pai, who currently heads the FCC, has recently dismissed concerns from NASA and NOAA that 5G technology will interfere with data gathering used to predict weather patterns, setting us back 30+ years in our ability to forecast the weather. I reference this article to highlight the pigheadedness of the FCC. The FCC, who according to their own statements, does not have the resources or the personnel to enforce their own guidelines, thinks they know more than NASA and NOAA combined. This article did provide me with a small amount of catharsis in that NASA and NOAA are getting essentially the same treatment from the FCC that I have gotten. A Fox News article discussing San Francisco resisting 5G. The short article focuses mostly on the aesthetic complaints around small cell antennas and barely addresses health issues. If you look in the comments section, many readers reaction to this article was to criticize San Francisco, an iconically “left wing” city, for “complaining about cell antennas being ugly but being ok with homeless/human waste/drug paraphernalia on the street,” instead of addressing the aesthetic or safety concerns. I find it potentially dubious that a right wing news outlet would associate these concerns with a city like San Francisco. I attempted to post a comment explaining the safety concerns dealing with 5G and my comment was “shadow banned” twice. I reached out to the Fox news website but they never responded. A New York Times article framing health concerns related to 5G as Russia Today (RT) inspired propaganda. The article completely dismisses the health concerns related to RF radiation, even claiming they lack scientific support. That is objectively false as you can see from the links above. The article also frames the phone as the main health concern related to 5G. This is either misleading or completely ignorant. The main concern with 5G is the vast number of antennas that are going to be installed closer than ever to people’s homes, exposing humanity to unprecedented levels of RF radiation. I do not claim to know RT’s motives but, as with the Fox article, I find it potentially dubious that a left wing news outlet would associate these concerns with a right wing news outlet that has alleged ties to Trump who many people on the left vehemently despise.

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