Please participate in these events have your voice heard on the 5G deployment happening in Sacramento, and select cities around the world.

Sacramento City Law and Legislative Meeting on 5G

February 4th, 1:00pm @ New City Hall Building 915 I St

Sacramento is one of the first cities in the world to implement #5G technology. Roughly 600 new antennas have been installed in Sacramento since the 5G roll-out began in October 2018. Many of these antennas are being installed in residential areas exposing nearby residents to UNPRECEDENTED levels of dangerous microwave radiation exposure. These increased exposure levels were demonstrated CLEARLY in a pilot study performed by the City of Sacramento and presented at the September 3rd city council meeting.

Doctors and scientists all over the world are warning about the dangers of 5G.

There have been zero, yes ZERO, studies on the long term health effects of 5G.

The negative effect of cell antennas on property values and home salability is well established by the realtor industry.

Thousands more antennas will be installed in Sacramento if our City officials continue to sell us out to Verizon and AT&T! Please
attend and speak at the February 4th Law and Legislative meeting. Meeting starts at 1pm in the new City Hall building. You must fill out and submit a speaker slip (found at the back of the room) to speak at the meeting.

Our campaign has already had some success. The City is currently working on a new cell antenna ordinance that would put some restrictions on cell antennas in residential areas. Many other California cities have already taken such actions. However our city is dragging their feet. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE TO PUT MORE PRESSURE ON OUR CITY TO KEEP THESE ANTENNAS AWAY FROM RESIDENCES! WE NEED YOUR HELP!

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