Emails to Sacramento City Council Regarding Covid-19 and 5G

The following emails were sent to the Sacramento City Council regarding the negative impact of 4G/5G small cell antennas on human immune function and how that will adversely impact Sacramento residents during the Covid-19 pandemic. No response from the City Council was ever given.

Email #1 Text:

“Hello City Council and staff,

I am reaching out to you to point out the relationship between small cell antennas and community spread of COVID-19. Available research shows that RF radiation exposure can impair immune function via multiple direct and indirect mechanisms, including disrupting normal sleep patterns and increasing oxidative stress.

Hopefully you are all familiar with my family’s situation by now. My two young nieces have experienced impaired immune function since the Verizon small cell was installed outside their home. We recently obtained a second medical opinion letter from Dr. Toril Jelter.  We also recently had bloodwork done for my oldest niece which showed elevated monocytes above the normal range.

According to

“High levels of monocytes may indicate the presence of chronic infection, an autoimmune or blood disorder, cancer, or other medical conditions.”

By continuing to expose my family and other Sacramento residents to increased RF emissions from recently installed small cell antennas, you are decreasing our body’s ability to fight off deadly COVID-19 infection thus propagating the spread of the infection and the severity of infections. This will ultimately lead to an overwhelming of our local medical apparatus and a more disastrous outcome for our city when compared to other cities that do not have small cell technology.

If you truly wish to make public safety a priority as you claimed in today’s City Hall announcement, you should temporarily power down all residential small cell antennas. In addition to other measures being taken, this will give Sacramento the best chance to avert disaster as COVID-19 continues to spread.

Myself and other members of the community have been trying to warn you about the negative impacts of this technology for a year. Now we are facing a situation where the negative consequences of these antennas will be vast and easily observable when we compare Sacramento COVID-19 infection rates and severity with other locales.

Wuhan happens to be one of the first 5G cities in China. South Korea was another of the earliest adopters of 5G. Kirkland Washington began small cell implementation at roughly the same time we did. Milan, the Capital city of Lombardy where most of Italy’s infections have occurred, is another early 5G adopter. As we all know, with 5G comes small cells, and with small cells comes increased RF exposure.

It is time to take this issue seriously and take action that will help to avert the coming disaster. “

Email screenshot:

Email #2 Text:

“Hello City Council and County health officials,

I am following up on my last email about the negative effects of RF radiation on the human immune system. Today the Bee released an article about a cluster of cases at my neighborhood church.

The article states:
“The concentration of confirmed coronavirus cases appears to be the largest in a single location in the Sacramento region since the crisis began in late February,”

Do you really think it just coincidence that the largest cluster in Sacramento just happens to be in Sacramento’s 5G pilot area??? Another coincidence that Wuhan happened to be one of China’s 5G pilot areas??? Milan, capital of Lombardy, another 5G pilot area…

I am not arguing that 5G is “causing” Covid-19. I am arguing that people living near small cells will have a lowered immune response and thus more infections and more severe infections. I have been trying to warn you about this issue for over a year and you simply have not taken the issue seriously. Now your constituents are paying the price. Shame on you all. “

Email Screenshot:

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