Email to Sacramento City Council Regarding April 7th Meeting

The following email was sent on 4/17/2020 to Sacramento City officials regarding their decision to move forward with 4G/5G small cell installations in Sacramento.

Email text:

“Hello City Council and Staff,

I have CC’d in a number of Sacramento residents that have expressed concerns over the 5G roll out in Sacramento. I am writing to express my disgust with the City’s decision to approve the small cell ordinance and move forward with 5G installations during the Covid-19 pandemic and without meaningful participation from the public.

I was just made aware that the City Council heard and voted on this issue April 7th via an online meeting.

The video broadcast of that meeting is available here:

The ordinance that was passed is available here:

Myself, and many other members of the public were unaware that this meeting was taking place or of any potential for public engagement. This is less significant to me personally as I am sure you all already know where I stand on this issue: I do not want these antennas near homes and I want the antenna outside of my family’s home removed immediately. However, I think it is very unfair to the general public to pass something that will directly impact their lives without giving them a meaningful opportunity to engage with the subject.

For those members of the public that did participate, their participation was nothing more than an empty gesture as their comments were NOT read into the public record and were NOT heard prior to the council voting on the issue. Roughly 25 comments were submitted by the public in opposition to 5G deployment, specifically requesting that the issue not be moved forward until the Covid-19 pandemic has resolved. Those comments can be seen here:

At 1:00:30 in the video, Mayor Steinberg acknowledges that the council had not yet looked at the public comments PRIOR TO VOTING ON THE AGENDA ITEM! This has been a major issue for dozens of your constituents; some of us for a year, or longer. To make this final decision without hearing from the public is incredibly insulting and seems to violate the Brown Act.

I am unsure if you are aware that there has been an increase in the number of people linking 5G to coronavirus in the past weeks. This has resulted in a number of attacks on cell antennas, particularly in the U.K. Many articles have been written on this phenomenon.

Predictably, most of these articles attack and debunk the most fringe and baseless claims they can find on the internet instead of the claims that are actually rooted in peer reviewed scientific literature. Last month I sent you all two emails on what I consider to be the only relationship between Covid-19 and 5G. You can see those emails here.

In the emails I explain that my family has suffered immune system problems since Verizon’s antenna was installed outside our home. I point to various peer reviewed scientific studies that demonstrate that the antennas you are permitting near Sacramento homes can harm human health, including our immune systems, by a variety of mechanisms. By allowing these antennas to be installed near homes you are knowingly putting your constituents at an increased risk for Covid-19 complications. This is unacceptable!

With all the fear and conspiracy theories floating around about 5G and coronavirus, transparency in your actions regarding these topics is more important than ever. Your decision to move forward with Sacramento’s 5G roll-out in a quick and stealthy manner was irresponsible and lends credibility to the argument of those claiming that this pandemic is being used fast track 5G deployment.

Most frustrating is the fact that the wireless ordinance was changed prior to being voted on. The majority of the residential protections were removed! The version of the ordinance shared with me and my group disallowed the antennas immediately adjacent to front yards, a decent compromise on the safety standards we were seeking. I applauded you for those protections. That version of the ordinance can be found here:

In the version passed by City Council, the residential exclusions were removed and replaced with an antenna location preference list. This preference list is meaningless given the City’s track record of caving to the telecom industry, giving them whatever they want, in exchange for investment in the City. You are literally selling out your constituents’ health and property for corporate cash. The most significant reforms that our group had fought for were removed prior to the item being voted on. It was a total bait and switch. This action is truly a new low for you; absolute scum.

For all these reasons, I am requesting that the City’s actions on 4/7/2020 regarding agenda item 24 be overturned and that the city not permit any new cell antennas until the Covid-19 threat has resolved. Taking such drastic actions while the public does not have full ability to participate in the public process is unacceptable! Increasing the health risks to your constituents during a pandemic by installing more cell antennas is unacceptable!

I hope other members of the public share in my outrage of your mishandling of this very contentious issue every step of the way. It has been truly disgusting to watch city officials over the past year spout one lie after another and COMPLETELY ignore the general public in favor of the business entities who support this technology. They are not the ones who have to live with it right outside their homes; WE ARE, AND WE DON’T WANT THEM!

At the end of the 5G agenda item, the Mayor and Rick Jennings acknowledge that 5G has been a long fought, contentious issue. Maria MacGunigal then attempts to persuade the council that there had been a lot of communication between the city and the public regarding the concerns of the public and that these concerns had been largely addressed. That is objectively false. You have not addressed even the most basic problems here including the fact that exposure from the Verizon antenna outside my family’s home EXCEEDS THE FCC SAFETY LIMIT ON OUR PRIVATE PROPERTY AND WE DO NOT HAVE FULL USE OF OUR PROPERTY!! We brought this issue to your attention almost a full year ago and it still has not been addressed. Neither has the negative impact on our property values, or the health problems that we have suffered. And as for the city as a whole, you have failed to provide us any residential protections against these antennas. You never demonstrated that the antennas were safe long term, only that emissions at ground level were below the FCC exposure limit. You never addressed the evidence submitted by the public that demonstrates these antennas are harmful…You have resolved nothing!

Unfortunately our local media has been SILENT on the issue. Sacramento was one of the first 5G cities on the planet, something that everyone is talking about, yet local media refuses to cover the contentious deployment happening all around them. Then they wonder why their readership is declining…good riddance to legacy media.

I can only hope that more people see your failure on this issue and vote you out of your offices. You are all either too corrupt or too stupid to be in a position of leadership.” 

Email Screenshot:

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