5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.   

-The 5G Appeal (signed by 244 doctors, scientists, and researchers around the world

Okay, okay. 5G probably isn’t as bad as an army of T-800’s…but it’s pretty bad. I created this website to raise awareness about the 5G network that is currently being built in my neighborhood and select cities around the world.

5G stands for fifth generation wireless technology. 5G is not a specifically defined term and 5G offerings vary company to company. In general, 5G will utilize higher energy frequencies of electromagnetic radiation to bring us faster speeds for our wireless devices. However, these higher energy frequencies do not travel as far as frequencies used for previous generations of wireless technology. This is where the problems with 5G begin…

The new symbol of oppression: always there, always radiating

Users will need to be relatively close to a transmitting source (i.e. a cell antenna) in order for this new 5G equipment to function properly. The exact distance has not been clearly defined but an article in the New York times estimates that antennas will need to be installed roughly every 500 feet.

In order to house all these new antennas, telecom companies plan on using existing infrastructure, most commonly light poles. In late December 2018, Verizon installed a cell antenna on a light pole 45 feet from my family’s home, at roughly the same height as our second story. This is how I got involved in this issue.

We did not think much of the antenna at first. At the time, we were mostly upset that we did not receive any notification that the antenna was going to be installed. We thought if Verizon/the city of Sacramento was going to install something so close to our property they should have to get our permission or AT LEAST give us a warning. No such courtesy was given.

About a month after the antenna was installed, both my nieces, whose room is closest to the antenna, came down with what seemed like a cold or flu. A month after that, they were still sick. The symptoms would come and go and we couldn’t tell if they were catching new bugs or just struggling to fight off the same illness. My whole family is extremely health conscious and, thankfully, we rarely ever get sick. It was very hard to watch their transformation from such healthy, happy, and energetic children to run-down and chronically ill.

Other members of the family starting experiencing unusual symptoms, including myself. I noticed I would get headaches whenever I spent any extended period of time at the house. Naturally, we began to question whether or not Verizon’s antenna could be affecting our health.

I, being the scientist in the family, began researching the safety of cell antennas and the radiation they emit. Much of this page will be dedicated to my findings. In short, there is a heated debate over the safety of wireless technology and non-ionizing radiation, especially when it comes to 5G.

Personally, I believe that non-ionizing radiation DOES CAUSE a variety of negative health effects through a number of different mechanisms that we do not yet fully understand.

Equally as alarming as the evidence suggesting 5G will be harmful, is the lack of evidence that it will be safe. At a Senate commerce hearing in February 2019, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal exposed this lack of research while questioning wireless executives.

Due to the evidence suggesting 5G will be dangerous, and the lack of specific evidence that 5G will be safe it is UNACCEPTABLE for governments and telecom companies to expose people to this risk against their will. Our family believes we have already been harmed by the now TWO antennas near our home and we live with the constant fear that we will suffer permanent damage or even die as a result of Verizon’s antennas. It is clear abuse and it is a horrible way to live .

We are fighting this injustice by raising awareness about the problems 5G will bring. In addition to the health consequences, the negative effects of cell antennas on property values and home salability have been well established by the realtor industry We also hope to work with local and federal governments to establish a precedent that allows people to “opt-out” of having an antenna within 1000 feet of their home. According to Verizon’s own engineers and executives 5G antennas work very well at ranges of 2000-3000 feet. As such, there should be no need to install an antenna near someone’s home who does not want it.

Jon Snow doesn’t want 5G and neither do I

Please support our cause by signing and sharing our petition. has simple options to share on Facebook and Twitter. Also please share and support our GoFundMe. We have already spent quite a bit of money in this fight and there are many more expenditures on the horizon. Our campaign is gaining steam and we will continue to fight for the basic rights of all people to have safety and peace of mind in their own homes. Thank you.

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  1. Great, absolutely I’m going to share on my Facebook and friends here in Sacramento and others cities. So I earned about 5G months ago, but I didn’t know we have already in Sacramento.


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