Info from the front lines

of the war on 5G

Video of our Sacramento group speaking at city council for the second time. Council refuses to address our concerns about the 5G network currently being installed in our area. Sacramento is one of the first cities in the world to receive this technology. The City of Sacramento signed us up to be guinea pigs with practically ZERO public outreach. Please watch and share this video!

5G will require roughly a million small cell antennas to be installed throughout the U.S. over the next few years. These antennas are being installed on top of light poles without any notice required to be given. These antennas will expose nearby residents to potentially harmful radiation inside their homes all day, every day. They will also decrease property values of nearby homes. If you do not want an antenna near YOUR home, PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION!

Due to the number of antennas 5G will require, and the proximity to people’s homes, 5G will expose us to unprecedented levels of radio frequency radiation on top of the radiation we are currently exposed to. 5G will also utilize a new higher energy frequency of radiation than previous generations of wireless technology. The long term health effects of this exposure are UNKNOWN.

In 2011 The World Health Organization classified radio frequency radiation as a possible carcinogen. In light of more recent research, many researchers have called for the classification to be upgraded to established carcinogenic to humans. www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0013935118303475 Find more research here.

Residents of a neighborhood in Geneva, Switzerland began experiencing health problems such as headaches, tinnitus, and insomnia after 5G was installed in their area. Their experience mirrors ours almost precisely. Similar health problems, feeling of victimization inside their own homes, conflicts of interest and a complete lack of response from governing bodies.

While cities all over the world are taking action to protect their citizens against the dangers and problems of 5G, the City of Sacramento willingly sold out its’ constituents to Verizon WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION! A recent article in the Sacramento Business Journal highlights how Sacramento got hoodwinked in this deal. Let’s hold our representatives accountable.